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M.R. Sound specializes in full sound production for all the types of film forms from translations and preparing dialogue lists to dubbed and voice over productions. Apart from the highest quality equipment like Digidesign – Pro Tools, Neuman, Universal Audio, Genelec we also have a highly qualified crew, who so far have cooperated with TVP S.A. 1i2, Jetix, Jim Jam, Fox Kids, TV POLONIA, CANAL+, RTL, TV Puls, Tele 5, Carisma, Cassfilm, Disney and Geographic.

We have put as much stress on the quality as on the work comfort. Each stage and the studio are independently air-conditioned and furnished with comfortable chairs and sofas. In our facility there is a conference/screening room. While waiting for recording our guests can relax in a waiting room, which is on each floor, or use one of the two kitchens. Mixing Studios made by the Sense Of Music company are designed basing on a modern „non-environmental”technology, which allows for recording the sound without unnecessary echo or noise and maintaining perfect control of the material recorded on one of many available carriers, which is essential for work with modern media.

We offer following services:
  • dubbing mixing and recording,
  • voice over mixing and recording,
  • post-sync mixing and recording,
  • audio books recording,
  • Editing and sound mixing of the Tv and radio commercials, promotion spots, computer games and other audiovisual forms.
We cooperate with experienced lectors, such as:
  • Maciej Gudowski
  • Janusz Szydłowski
  • Stanisław Olejniczak
  • Tomasz Marzecki
  • Krystyna Czubówna
  • Tomasz Knapik
  • Mirosław Utta
  • Andrzej Ferenc
  • Janusz Kozioł
  • Jacek Brzostyński
Dialogue authors:
  • Anna Celińska
  • Maciej Wysocki
  • Anna Wysocka
  • Halina Wodiczko
  • Dorota Filipek Załęska
  • Hanna Górecka
  • Kaja Sikorska
  • Maria Etienne

M.R. Sound Sp. z o.o., ul. Koźmińska 10, 00-435 Warszawa, tel/fax: 22 468 19 19
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